Travel light to St. John and rent everything you need for a great day on the beach from us for little extra money.

Add On

  • Go Pro Hero 75$ per week
  • Skimboard (small surfboard): fiberglass boards: 75$ per week
  • Beach Chairs: 25$ per week
  • Waterproof Bag or Waterproof Backpack: 20$ per week
  • Superlight Parachute Hammock: 20$ per week (incl. mounting set)
  • Super comfortable woven Hammock: 25$ per week (incl. mounting set)
  • Laybag (pictured above): just hold it in the wind to fill with air, super comfortable beach lounger: 25$ per week
  • portable Cornhole Set: 75$ per week
  • LED Night Paddles: 15$ per day&evening, 50$ per week as additional paddle (batteries not included in price but we will aim to provide paddles with charged, rechargeable batteries)
  • SUP Yoga Anchors: 25$ per week
  • Roof Straps/Soft Racks: Free


Prices Snorkeling Set Rental St. John

  • 50$ per week (fins, mask, snorkel and easybreath mask)
  • 35$ per week (fins, mask, snorkel – no easybreath mask)
  • 15$ per day

We will deliver the set with the boards and you can try them on to make sure the size is right. Please note this rental is only in combination with SUP rental, we do not rent out the Snorkeling Set separately (without the SUPs). You can however rent more Snorkeling Sets then you rent SUPs.