Which type of paddle you use will make a big difference in how much fun you will have while paddling. Most SUP Schools and Rental companies use cheap Alloy paddles (80$) which are pretty indestructible but they are very heavy and have no flex, so they are hard on your joints. Think of it as running with shoes without suspension. They weigh about 2 pounds more than carbon fiber paddles, these are 2 pounds you have to move more with every single stroke you make. It is like the wheels of a bike, if the tires are flat and heavy, there is not much point in having a high-performance, super light bike.

Picture below: Our carbon fiber SUP Paddles have cost more than all 3 of our cars together…….


High quality Carbon Fiber Paddles with your Board Rental on St. John

We want to you to have fun while paddleboarding on St. John, so he have invested a lot of money in 400$ carbon fiber paddles (Fanatic and Kialoa Shape) or a carbon-bamboo mix (Fanatic) and fiberglass paddles (Sapient), all of which are much better than the cheap alloy ones. Blade size is also important, we have smaller blades for the ladies and larger blades for the guys. We have many carbon fiber paddles cut to the most common sizes but also have a few adjustables if we can’t fit your size or if multiple paddlers will be using a board. Picture below: High quality carbon fiber paddle



LED Night Paddles


We also have LED Night paddles which are also of carbon fiber and create 720 lumens of light. It is a totally amazing experience to go Stand Up Paddling at night. Simply add one to your rental.

How to find the right paddle size

We will fit the paddles to the right size for you when we hand over the boards. Should not all paddlers be there, you can easily find the right size as follows: Stand upright and stretch out your weaker arm to the top. The handle should be right under your wrist so that you can put your wrist on top of it without having to stretch or go on your toes.



How to take care of paddles

The downside of the carbon fiber paddles is that they are fragile, so please do not step on them, drive over them with your car or hit the rocks with them. If you fall in, the adjustable ones can get water inside, so after paddling you might want to open the thing with which you adjust them and take the top part out and turn the bottom part upside down to pour the water out.