Prices for Paddleboard Lessons on St. John

2 hour private lesson including board and carbon paddle rental. After a two hour lesson you will have mastered the basics and can safely paddle and turn. You are good to go and explore the National Park Beaches by yourself.

  • 65 US$ per person for 3 or more
  • 75 US$ per person for one or two people

Board Rental after lesson

  • 30 US$ (for rest of day), 50$ the following day
  • for groups of 4, 2 boards are free for the rest of the day

3 Day Special

2 Boards for 3 days: 275$

Prices for Paddleboard Rental on St. John


  • 75 US$ / day one board only
  • 150 US$ / two boards one day
  • 65$ US$ per board for 3 or more boards
  • 50$ for 2nd day
  • free delivery for day rentals cruz bay side only


  • 250 US$ / week for the first board
  • 200 US$ / week / board for 2nd, 3rd and additional boards
  • incl. leash, high quality paddle, life vest, roof straps for transport and complimentary delivery/pickup – anywhere on St. John for 2 or more boards
  • 150 US$ for Surfboard (not sup-surf, normal surf)
  • 250 US$ for Raceboards, Inflatables or
  • 300 US$ for SUP ATX Adventure XXL (floats 450lbs and comes with 2 paddles)

Skimboard rental (add on for paddleboard rental)

  • Fiberglass / Epoxy Boards: 75$ / week
  • meant as add on for paddleboard, we can do stand alone rentals for minimum of 2 boards in Cruz Bay area or you could add some snorkel gear to the rental.

Add Ons

  • LED Night Paddles: 15$ per day&evening, 50$ per week (batteries not included in price but we will aim to provide paddles with charged, rechargeable batteries)
  • SUP Yoga Anchors: 25$ per week
  • Roof Straps/Soft Racks: Free
  • Go Pro Hero (Hero 8 black): 75$ per week
  • Hammock: 25$ per week

Prices Snorkeling Set Rental St. John

  • 50$ per week (fins and easybreath mask)
  • 35$ per week (fins, mask, snorkel)
  • 25$ per week fins only

We will deliver the set with the boards and you can try them on to make sure the size is right. Please note this rental is only in combination with SUP rental, we do not rent out the Snorkeling Set separately (without the SUPs). You can however rent more Snorkeling Sets then you rent SUPs.


you can pay via cash, credit card and paypal. Secure credit card processing online via Stripe. You can pay your board rentals and deposits online here: