Go for a nightpaddle with our amazing new LED Paddles. They are high quality carbon fiber paddles, only weighing 2lbs. Their strong LEDs create 720 Lumens with 8xAAA Batteries (that last for 40 hours). Lights shine on just one side of the blade; lighting up everything you want to see in front of you, without blinding you or those behind you.


SUP at Night on St. John

Uncover the beauty of the quiet dark waters and discover why countless others love night paddling.


Seeing Underwater

During the day you’ll notice that it’s difficult to see through the surface of the water to the depths below. This is due to the sun and the sky reflecting off the water into your eyes, which overpowers the view

At night you can light the water from below the surface with a Torch Paddle; which gives a spectacular view of the plants, rocks, and animal life. No matter the clarity of the water, you be amazed at what you can see when you ignite a Torch Paddle underwater.



  • 78″ LED SUP Paddle for those who are 5′ 7″ and taller
  • 72″ LED SUP Paddle for those who are 5′ 6″ or shorter


  • 15$ for the day&evening
  • 50$ for the week
  • batteries not included in rental price but we will aim to provide paddles with charged, rechargeable batteries


More photos are here.