We teach and rent out high quality Fanatic, SUPATX and Starboard Paddleboards. We have also had some custom boards made, that are ideal for lessons and rentals on St. John and light and easy to transport. Below is an overview of all the models we have. Confused? Sorry there is no one board that fits all. We have spent a lot of time giving lessons and talking to our rental customers to create a line-up that will accommodate every size, weight, age and level or experience! And of course all these boards have been tried and tested in the conditions on St. John, which are different from lakes and flatwater paddling (so most people choose slightly bigger boards).

Our Rental Boards fall into 5 categories

  • Beginner Boards (Allround SUPs – The classic “Egg” Shape 10.6-11.6″)
  • Intermediate (Touring Shape thinner and more pointed 12′-11′) if you want to cover some distance (e.g. head out to whisling cay). These are the SUPUSA 12′ and 11’x31″ or the Annabel Anderson Touring Carbon 11’6×29″. Even more sportier are the Falcon Air 14’x29″ and the Lahui Kai 12’6×27.5″ entry level race board.
  • Experienced (Carbon Raceboards and Falcon Air 12’6″ and 14′) if you want to race or do distance paddling & downwinders.
  • Inflatables (big and wide for Family fun or SUP Yoga or the narrow race shape for sporty paddlers 11′-14′) – Easy to carry and throw on roof and indestructible you can rent them inflated or uninflated in a backpack. Inflatables are also great for Yachts as you don’t have to worry about dinging them (or the Yacht)
  • SUP Surfboards (to surf waves, 8’10 – 10′)
  • Boards for Kids & Teenagers. Kids from 5-6 years onwards can usually paddle on their own in calm bays like Maho. We have special boards and paddles for kids.

Send us your ages, sizes, weights and level of experience and we will help you choose the board that is best for you!

ALLROUND SUPs  for rent on St. John, USVI (Beginner to Intermediate)

Fanatic Fly the board of choice for beginners and heavier riders or families who want to paddle on one board. They come in 11’6, 11’0, 10’6 and 10’0

Fanatic Fly HRS Grip Deck 11’6×33″


This board is super wide, thick and stable but has no rubber deck which makes it a bit lighter. We have attached a luggage net to it, so you can take a dry bag or snorkeling gear. The 11.6 is suited for medium to heavy riders. If you sometimes paddle on your knees for longer periods you want to take one with a deck pad.

  • Volume: 236 L
  • Width: 33” / 83,8 cm
  • Length: 11’6″ / 350,5 cm

Fanatic Fly HRS Grip Deck 10’6×31″

This board has no rubber deck which makes it a bit lighter, which the ladies like. We have attached a luggage net to it, so you can take a dry bag or snorkeling gear. The 10.6 is suited for lighter to medium riders.

  • Volume 177 l
  • Width 31′ / 78,7 cm
  • Length10’6″ / 320 cm


Fanatic Fly HRS 11′



From the Fanatic Allround boards (Pure, Grip Deck, Soft top) this one is the top end model it is the most expensive one, it is lighter but also more fragile. It has a large deck cover whiteout the bumps, which is comfortable if you paddle on our knees, want to take kids or do Yoga on the board. It is also a bit lighter to carry (but please dont drop it). We have 2 of those in 11′ which is for average build riders.  Taller/heavier riders choose the Pure or Grip Deck 11.6 and lighter ladies the 10.6 Grip Deck or Soft Top

  • Volume 217 l
  • Width 32′ / 81,3 cm
  • Length11’0″ / 335,3 cm

Fanatic Fly Pure super stable board for rent on St. John

Oldie but goldie This is our biggest but also heaviest board. It has a deck pad, so it is also comfortable if you sometimes paddle on your knees or if you want to take your kids on it. It further comes with a luggage net in the front (not in photo) so you can put a dry bag or snorkeling gear there. We have that board in 11.6 and also one in 10.0 which is good for teenagers or if you want to catch some waves. The 11.6′ is the most stable board you can find on St. John, it can accomodate riders up to 270-280lbs. It is an older board and has some wear and tear – we tested them all for heavy riders or people who want it super easy and stable this still is the best board

Fanatic 11’6″ Fly Pure specs (with luggage net)

  • Volume: 236 l
  • Width 33”/ 83.8 cm
  • Length11’6”/ 350.5 cm
  • Recommended User WeightWave: 90-100kg Flatwater: 90-105kg
  • Luggage Net in front


SUP ATX Adventure XXL (the blue one in photo below)

  • Length: 12 feet 
  • Board Width: 32.5 inches
  • Board Thickness: 5 inches
  • Volume: 280 liters
  • Luggage Net in the back (not attached yet in photo below board was just unboxed)
  • Max. Rider weight 450lbs (!!!) – you can fit your whole family on it, great fun 🙂


Yellow Tiger Kids Board (the yellow one in photo above)

The “yellow tiger” inflatable kids board in 8’7″ x 26″ x 4″ that is great for little ones from 5-6 years onwards and also floats adults up to 150lbs (I use it to play around in the surf). The fact that it is inflatable makes it soft and safe for the kids (in case they fall onto it) and also light and easy to carry (most kids cannot carry a fixed kids board on their own) 

  • Volume 178L
  • Width: 30″
  • Length: 8’7″
  • Ideal Rider Weight up to 132 lbs, max. rider weight 154lbs

SUP ATX Paddleboards for rent

These SUPUSA / SUPATX boards have a bit less width  and thickness/volume vs. the Fanatics and are thus lighter, faster good for sporty beginners and average riders.

SUPATX Adventure Premium 11’6×32″

great board for the whole family if you are a sporty beginner or have paddled a little before. A bit faster and lighter then the Fanatic ones (the nose and tail is a bit more pointed). It has a deck pad over the full length so it is also good for taking kids in front and back. It also features rail protectors on the sides if you paddle in places where there are some rocks this is better.


SUP ATX Adventure Premium Specs

  • Length: 11 feet 6 inches
  • Board Width: 32 inches
  • Nose Width: 20 inches
  • Tail Width: 15 inches
  • Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
  • Volume: 230 liters
  • Luggage Net in the back
  • Max. Rider weight 250lbs

SUP ATX Doheny 11’6×32″


very similiar to the Adventure Premium. Key difference is it has no rail protector and the deck pad does not go over the full length, which makes it a bit lighter.

SUP USA Dohney Specs

  • Length: 11 feet 6 inches
  • Board Width: 32 inches
  • Nose Width: 20 inches
  • Tail Width: 15 inches
  • Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
  • Volume: 230 liters
  • Luggage Net in the back
  • Max. Rider weight 250lbs


SUP ATX Island 10’6×32″


This one is for the ladies, one foot shorter, so less volume and lighter vs. the 11’6″

SUP USA Island Specs

  • Length: 10 feet 6 inches
  • Board Width: 32 inches
  • Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
  • Volume: 180 liters
  • Luggage Net in the back

SUP USA White Tiger 10’6

this board is built to last; made with 1.5lb EPS Foam Cores then wrapped with Epoxy and Fiberglass and then has an ABS plastic shell wrapped around it. Different from the other boards that are all pretty fragile, this one is almost indestructible. It is a the board of choice if you are renting a villa with a bit of a rocky water entrance (like Virinian Garden or Beach Villa in Great Cruz Bay) or if you just want your teenagers to play around with the board unattended without having to worry about dings. If you are looking for something sportier, the Falcon Air Inflatable Raceboard also is great for rocky places.


  • Length: 10 feet 6 inches
  • Board Width: 32 inches
  • Luggage net in the back

SUP USA Touring Paddleboards for rent on St. John

these boards are 31″ wide vs. the Fanatic 33″ and SUP ATX 32 and 4.5″/5.0″. They will feel a little tippier for first time riders and heavier paddlers, people who have paddled before usually love these boards as they are faster and lighter.

SUPUSA 11’x31″x4.5″

This is the board for sporty ladies or teenagers who want a board that is a bit more sporty but are not ready to switch to carbon raceboard yet.


  • Length: 11 feet
  • Board Width: 31 inches
  • Board Thickness: 4.5 inches
  • Luggage net in the back

SUPUSA 12’x31″x4.5″


  • Length: 12 feet
  • Board Width: 31 inches
  • Board Thickness: 4.5 inches
  • Max Load: 250lbs
  • Luggage Net in front




  • Board Length: 11’6″
  • Board Width: 29 inches
  • Board Volume: 218 liters
  • Optimum Rider Weights: 100-165 lbs. Recommended Max Weight: 185 lbs.

Great entry level race/touring board with luggage net. Perfect for sporty ladies.

INFLATABLE PADDLEBOARDS FOR RENT (family fun, Yoga and race)

we can deliver those boards inflated or uninflated. They are super easy to transport and carry and pretty indestructible. They are also ideal for Yachts as they won’t damage the boat.

SUP ATX Journey 10.6″ inflatable paddleboard for rent on St. John

Great inflatable Paddleboard for easy carrying, family fun as well as SUP Yoga. You can leave it inflated and put on car roof or uninflate and roll up into a backback.


SUP ATX Journey 10.10″ Specs:

  • Length 10’10”
  • Width 31″
  • Thickness: 6.75″
  • Volume 185 l
  • Recommended Max User Weight: 225lbs


Fanatic Falcon Air 2016 in 12’6 and 14′ (26.5″ and 29″)

The Falcon Air 2016 (pictured below) is the brand new inflatable version of the famous Falcon Raceboard. It is produced in the new Double Layer Light Technology, saving around 20 – 25 % of weight combined with 25 – 30 % higher stiffness, while offering highest quality and durability on the market. It has the performance of a raceboard but is much easier to throw on the car and much easier and lighter to carry around.

If you are a sceptic towards inflatables, this board will convince you otherwise!



Fanatic Fly Air Fit

The Fly Air Fit is 11′ long but superwide with 35″. It is great for SUP yoga as it has multiple straps to tie up the board and attach the paddle but also a great board to play around with for family fun


CARBON RACE BOARDS FOR RENT (sporty intermediates and experts)

for experienced, fitness-oriented paddlers who want to go for distance paddles or downwinders. We actually circumnavigated the whole island on the 14′ model (took us 8 hours). Those boards are fast, they have an awesome glide. A paddle that takes you 60 minutes on an allround SUP will take about 40 minutes on this one.

WARNING: Once you paddled a raceboard, you don’t want to go back to the round shape!

Starboard Ace Carbon 2015 in 14’x25″ and 12’6×25″ for rent on St. John


“A board for all conditions. The fastest board design for choppy conditions and is easy to surf and turn. The board Brian Szymanski designed in 2009, then further developed over the years by Brian and Svein Rasmussen, the ACE is still the best choice for long distance racing. With a full cockpit, flat and wide recessed deck, you can walk further back on the board while in chop and small swell. It is still Annabel Anderson’s go to board in challenging conditions.”

This is a great raceboard in the ocean, Annabel Anderson raced it to countless victories (she has in the mean time switched teams to SUPATX). It is suited for experienced riders up to 90-100kg. If you have not been on a raceboard before you might want to try the wider ones in 27.5″ before (we have the Starboard Ace 12.6″x27.5″ and the inflatable Fanatic Fly Air Raceboard in 12.6″x27.5″). The wide nose makes it very stable and easy to handle in the ocean also when there is wind and wave from the side, the very narrow tail makes up the speed you loose from the fat nose.

This board is a great all condition raceboard and awesome for downwinders watch a downwind video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQH1-AUP7iY. However walking back and forth and going in surf stance is not easy due to the rails.

14′ Starboard Ace Carbon Specs

  • Length:  14’0″
  • Width: 25″
  • Tail Width: 6.8″
  • Volume:299 L
  • Weight: 12.34kg


12.6′ Starboard Ace Carbon Specs

  • Length:  12’6″
  • Width: 25″
  • Tail Width: 7.7″
  • Volume: 277 L
  • Weight: 11.63kg

Lahui Kai Carbon Raceboards for rent on St. John

Former Starboard Shaper Brian Symanski (shaper of the famous Starboard Ace) and former Starboard Team Rider Annabel Anderson have joined Lahui Kai and developed some great new boards which you can rent from us on St. John.


  • Lahui Kai Manta Carbon 14’x26″
  • Lahui Kai Brian Symanski Team Race Carbon 12’6″x26″
  • Lahui Kai Brian Symanski Race Carbon 12’6″x27.5′ – widest, most stable raceboard we have
  • Lahui Kai Annabel Anderson Touring 11’6×29″ Entry Level Race / Touring board, great for sporty ladies

Fanatic Falcon Carbon Race Board in 14’x25″ and 12’6×25″

Low primary but high secondary stability. That means it feels tippy at first but it rarely tips over. It has a concave bottom shape so it catches the smallest waves in a downwind. They come with luggage net attached so you can take a dry bag with you, they also have gopro mounts (for GPS or camera). This is the older Fanatic Falcon but in our opinion still the best for open ocean and downwind paddling. Lucy circumnavigated the whole island on it.


Fanatic Falcon Carbon 12.6’x25″ Specs:

  • Length:  12’6″
  • Width: 25″
  • Volume: 252L

Fanatic Falcon Carbon 14’x25″ Specs:

  • Length:  14″
  • Width: 25″
  • Volume: 268L




Fanatic Falcon Carbon Race Board in 12’6×24.75″

Fanatic Falcon Open Ocean Carbon Race Board for rent

a bit narrower but feels very stable due to more volume in the nose

FALCON CARBON 12’6″×24.75″ Specs:

  • Volume266 l
  • Width24.75”/ 62.9 cm
  • Length12’6”/ 381 cm
  • Recommended User WeightTouring: 50-80kg Race: 50-85kg



WAVE SUPS (for SUP Surfing) for rent

Fanatic Pro Wave 8’10”. Wave SUP for rent on St. John

Wave SUP for experienced surfers. Also a nice boards for kids in flat water.

  • Volume: 122 l
  • Width: 29″ 73,6 cm
  • Length: 8’10” / 269 cm


Fanatic All Wave 9’6 Wave SUP for rent St. John

good for intermediate surfers and also great for kids in flat water.

  • Volume: 174 l
  • Width: 32″ / 81,3 cm
  • Length: 9’6″ / 290 cm


If you tell us your size, weight and level of experience, we will help you find the right board!

Surboards for rent on St. John

We also have surfboards for rent on St. John:


8’0″ McKee Mini Malibu Surfboard for rent on St. John

  • 8’x22.0″x2 3/4

7’0″ Imagine Seventies Surfboard for rent on St. John

6’6″ Buster Shortboard Surfboard for Rent on St. John

5’11” Light Quad Fin for Rent on St. John

Al Merrick 6’2″ and 6’0 Surfboard for Rent on St. John



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