We have a wide variety of Paddleboards for Rental on St. John in the USVI. In this article we are explaining the models that are great for beginners and family fun.

  • Fanatic HRS Grip Deck and HRS and 11’6 and 11’0 – very stable boards, great to take kids
  • SUP ATX Adventure Premium 11’6 – super stable too a little faster than the Fanatic ones
  • SUP ATX Adventure XXL 12′ – floats up to 450lbs (!) super thick and stable you can fit your whole family on it!
  • Fanatic Fly Air Fit 11’x25″ – super wide, stable and indestructible (inflatable board but we usually deliver it inflated)

What all these boards have in common is that they are super wide and stable, you can actually take one kid in the front and one in the back or you can paddle it alone. Due to a lot of volume they will all feel very stable and you will be standing up in no time. They also are soft boards which reduces the risk of injury should you or your kids fall onto the board, the soft cover also makes it more comfortable to paddle on your knees, should you get tired or if the wind picks up. Also, they are great for just taking a nap (either on the water or on shore)

Kids from 5-6 years onwards can usually paddle on their own in calm bays like Maho. You can find our boards for kids and teenagers here.


Fanatic Fly HRS Grip Deck 11’6×33″


This board is super wide, thick and stable but has no rubber deck which makes it a bit lighter. We have attached a luggage net to it, so you can take a dry bag or snorkeling gear. The 11.6 is suited for medium to heavy riders. If you are average build, you can easily take a kid or even kid and wife on the board.  If you sometimes paddle on your knees for longer periods you want to take one with a deck pad.

  • Volume: 236 L
  • Width: 33” / 83,8 cm
  • Length: 11’6″ / 350,5 cm

Fanatic Fly HRS 11′


From the Fanatic Allround boards (Pure, Grip Deck, Soft top) this one is the top end model it is the most expensive one, it is lighter but also more fragile. It has a large deck cover whiteout the bumps, which is comfortable if you paddle on our knees, want to take kids or do Yoga on the board. It is also a bit lighter to carry (but please dont drop it). We have 2 of those in 11′ which is for average build riders.  Taller/heavier riders choose the Pure or Grip Deck 11.6 and lighter ladies the 10.6 Grip Deck or Soft Top

  • Volume 217 l
  • Width 32′ / 81,3 cm
  • Length11’0″ / 335,3 cm

SUPATX Adventure Premium 11’6×32″

great board for the whole family if you are a sporty beginner or have paddled a little before. A bit faster and lighter then the Fanatic ones (the nose and tail is a bit more pointed). It has a deck pad over the full length so it is also good for taking kids in front and back. It also features rail protectors on the sides if you paddle in places where there are some rocks this is better.


SUP ATX Adventure Premium Specs

  • Length: 11 feet 6 inches
  • Board Width: 32 inches
  • Nose Width: 20 inches
  • Tail Width: 15 inches
  • Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
  • Volume: 230 liters
  • Luggage Net in the back
  • Max. Rider weight 250lbs

SUP ATX Adventure XXL (the blue one in photo below)

  • Length: 12 feet 
  • Board Width: 32.5 inches
  • Board Thickness: 5 inches
  • Volume: 280 liters
  • Luggage Net in the back (not attached yet in photo below board was just unboxed)
  • Max. Rider weight 450lbs (!!!) – you can fit your whole family on it, great fun 🙂


Yellow Tiger Kids Board (the yellow one above)

The “yellow tiger” inflatable kids board in 8’7″ x 26″ x 4″ that is great for little ones from 5-6 years onwards and also floats adults up to 150lbs (I use it to play around in the surf). The fact that it is inflatable makes it soft and safe for the kids (in case they fall onto it) and also light and easy to carry (most kids cannot carry a fixed kids board on their own) 

  • Volume 178L
  • Width: 30″
  • Length: 8’7″
  • Ideal Rider Weight up to 132 lbs, max. rider weight 154lbs


Fly Air Fit 11’x35″


The Fly Air Fit was designed as a Yoga Board. It is so wide and thick that you can actually do Yoga Exercises on it, but it also is a great board for beginners and familiy fun since it is so stable.

It is an inflatable board, so it will not break when you drop it or hit rocks with it, it is super light and easy to carry and you can just throw in on the car roof without any soft racks. Should you wish to take it for a hike e.g. to Salt Pond, you can also uninflate it and carry it in a backpack.  We have only 2 boards of this model so early reservation is recommended.


SUP USA White Tiger 10’6

this board is built to last; made with 1.5lb EPS Foam Cores then wrapped with Epoxy and Fiberglass and then has an ABS plastic shell wrapped around it. Different from the other boards that are all pretty fragile, this one is almost indestructible. It is a the board of choice if you are renting a villa with a bit of a rocky water entrance (like Virinian Garden or Beach Villa in Great Cruz Bay) or if you just want your teenagers to play around with the board unattended without having to worry about dings. If you are looking for something sportier, the Falcon Air Inflatable Raceboard also is great for rocky places.


  • Length: 10 feet 6 inches
  • Board Width: 32 inches
  • Luggage net in the back


Free Add-Ons for Family Rentals

When you rent one of our Family SUPs you will get free additional life vest for your kids and a free Fanatic Kids SUP Paddle. Leash, Life Vest, Soft Racks as well as delivery and pickup are included in the price anyways.


  • Day 65$ per board
  • Week: 200$ per board
  • 3 Day Speical: 275$ 2 boards for 3 days

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