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What is the best Weather, Wind and Wave Forecast for St. John?

In our opinion that would be Weather Underground.  The forecast is very accurate and it has a great map feature, where you can also see rainy clouds approaching (big green blobs)

Best Wind Forecast for St. John.

Is on Windguru we think.  We created some custom spots on Windguru, one is Whisling Cayin the North which is a great starting point for a paddleboard downwinder back to Cruz Bay or into Hawksnest and the other spot is Reef Bay, which can have some nice waves for surfing. If you have suggestions how to modify the buoys of the custom spot or suggestions for additions of spots you created, please drop us a line!

Whisling Cay Wind & Wave Forecast

Reef Bay Wind & Wave Forecast

Wind Forecast

Windy is great, there is an app for mobile phones as well, you can scroll forward in time, select models and even select layers to show air pollution (e.g. sahara dust)

Best St. John, USV Surf Forecast

Magic Seaweed now has the St. John surf spot forcast (search under caribbean, leeward islands)

Cinnamon Bay: https://magicseaweed.com/Cinnamon-Bay-Surf-Report/4084/

Reef Bay: https://magicseaweed.com/Reef-Bay-Beach-Surf-Report/8003/

Swellinfo.com also has a few St. John Surf Spots

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Best St John, USVI Hurricane Watch Website

That is actually a Facebook Page run by some dedicated experts. It can be found here.