You asked, we listened, we now have skimboards as add ons for your paddleboard rental. They are great to surf the small shore break at cinnamon or hawksnest.

What is a skimboard?

A skimboard is a smaller surfboard that has no fins. On a normal surfboard you paddle out on your belly and then catch a wave and use the momentum to pop up into a standing position, the board needs to be quite big especially for beginners to provide enough stability for the pop up and you need some water depth (waves breaking outside). To find nice, surfable waves the ocean bottom must have certain features like a sand bank and a reef what make a wave and the waves need to have a certain size and momentum to give enough power to push the board for the surfer to get up.

Those little waves breaking right onto the beach can be find in many more locations, but they are too shallow / too close to shore to surf on a traditional surfboard. A skimboard has no fins and you start from land (in the shallow water or wet sand), the momentum to start the glide does not come from the wave but from you running and dropping the board and propelling yourself forward, so much smaller waves can be surfed and as skimboards have no fins you can surf in the flats. Check out the video below for more.

Interested in learning how to skimboard on St. John?

St. John’s sandy beaches with warm water are great to learn. Even on a day without a swell, you can practise the basics (dropping board and starting the slide) in the shallow water / wet send.

Check out this video


Skimboards for rent on St. John, USVI

we have different boards and sizes for rent, here are the options.

Wooden Skimboards 35$ / week

  • Laguna Beach Wooden Skimboard ” by 37 1/4″ x  16 3/8 for riders 65-110 lbs
  • Vision Street Wear Skim Board Skimboard Wood 41″ x 20″ for riders 110-145 lbs

Fiberglass Skimboards 75$ / week

  • Wave Zone Skimboard – Fiberglass – 39″ Blue – For Beginners and Kids up to 110lbs
  • Slapfish Skimboard – 41″ Riders up to 140lbs with Traction Grip Deck and Arch bar, Green
  • Wave Zone Edge Skimboard – Fiberglass 42″ Blue/White Size: 42” x 18 ½” x 1/2” – Beginner to Intermediate up to 130 lbs
  • Rush Fiberglass board 45″ – teal – for Riders up to 160 lbs
  • Wave Zone Splash 46″ Fiberglass Skimboard – Blue – Size: 46” x 19 ½” x 1/2” For advanced riders up to 160 lbs
  • Slapfish Skimboard – 48″ Riders up to 225lbs with Traction Grip Deck and Arch bar, Blue
  • Zap Wedge Skimboard – Large 48”- up to 160lbs
  • Zap Wedge Skimboard – Large 49.25″ x19.75″ up to 170lbs

Hurricane Kitty tested the new skimboards in the pool and approves!

Skimboard Rental from SUP St. John

Our business model are free paddleboard deliveries to the villas so we pay for car repairs instead of shop rent. Just like the gopro and snorkel gear rentals the skimboard rental is low cost item and meant to be an add on to the paddleboard rental as we can’t really drive all over the island to deliver a single snorkel set or skimboard. But if you need several boards or maybe snorkel sets or go pro as well or are staying in the Cruz Bay / Rendezvous Bay area rentals without Paddleboard can be arranged. Contact us via email to supstjohn(at) or text 340-514-5527 or use the contact form below. While short notice rentals can sometimes be accomodated we usually ask for reservation at least 24 hours in advance (we might be out delivering boards or giving a lesson if you need something the same day).

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