In theory vacations are great to look after yourself since you have more time to work out and eat well. It can however also be a challenge to keep your weight and stick with your fitness routine while on St. John with so many delicious food and drink options and since you don’t have your usual classes or fitness equipment available. Also the heat can make one lazy and tired it often is too hot (or hilly) to go running and too hot or windy to play tennis, frisbee or other sports. On the other hand who wants to be in an air-conditioned gym when there is so much beautiful nature out there?


We have the solution for you. Go paddleboarding! This amazing full body workout burns 800 calories per hour if you paddle at a good speed or into the wind. It is nevertheless low impact on the joints and not too hard on your heart rate. Since you are on the water where there always is a nice breeze. Also you won’t get bored like on a treadmill, you will see sea turtles and paddle through turquoise waters and amazing nature and by able to reach and explore some places that can only be reached from the water.

SUP Yoga on St. John

If you want to take it a step further you can also do Yoga and Fitness Exercises on a Paddleboard.


We are renting out the Fanatic Fly Air Fit Board which is super wide and stable. You will be able to perform almost any Yoga move you can do on land on it, maybe with some slight variations. You are wondering what to do with the paddle? The board has special straps that will hold the paddle but there are many poses like warrior, chair, tree where you can actually integrate the paddle into the workout. Too lazy to figure that all out? Book a SUP Yoga Lesson with Lucy.

Fitness Training on the new Fanatic Fly Air Fit.


If you are not into Yoga or want to add more exercises, the Fly Air Fit comes with a set of bungee straps that almost turns it into a gym. You can do Squats, Butter Fly, Core Rotation, Leg Lifts, Rowing and more. Download the full booklet with exercises here or book a lesson with Lucy.


What about the rest of the family?

The Fanatic Fly Air Fit is so wide and stable, even beginner paddlers will be up and running in no time. Couples can paddle together on one board, or you can have one kid sitting in the front and one in the back. We have in fact seen whole families paddling on it together. And when you are tired after your workout, the board makes a great air mattress both on land or the water.

Will I not float away while I do yoga or exercises on a paddleboard?

There are 3 options. You can either paddle out into the wind before starting your exercise, the wind will then bring you back to shore while working out. Another option is to tie the leash to a mooring ball to keep the board in one place or if you want to be completely free as to where to work out we also have SUP Yoga anchors, little anchors with which you can anchor the board.