Just in time for the busiest week of the year our new paddleboards arrived after being held hostage at customs for a while.  A few more Fanatic Fly 11’6 Grip Deck, one of our favorite boards and a McKee Mini Malibu Surfboard in 8’0. We also had some custom SUP Paddleboards made, that are ideal for lessons and rentals.

They are soft top SUPs in 11’0x31″. They are super-light-weight (under 20 lbs) and easy to carry and stack on the car. They are suitable for light to medium built riders. We also got 8 new carbon fiber paddles.

We took the new custom board for a test paddle at Hawksnest, and it is great, super light weight and fast. Loading and unloading from the car is also really easy. Check out the photos below.

New paddleboards for rent on St. John