You are coming to St. John and would like to rent SUP Paddleboards for a day or the week and are wondering if you need a reservation?

Short Answer:

While we can usually accommodate short term requests, you will have a better board rental experience if you contact us a little in advance, so that we can help you find the right board (there is no “one fits all”) and also align delivery details (we deliver boards for free – anywhere on the island).

Long Answer:

A paddleboard is a paddleboard, but there is no “One that fits all” model.


We have a wide variety of paddleboards, the 14′ Carbon Raceboards on which Lucy paddled from Tortola to Jost van Dyke and circumnavigated St. John, Touring Boards in 11′ and 12′ for intermediates, Allround boards from 10′-11’6 for beginners & intermediates, kids boards, boards for short, slim riders, boards for 260lbs riders or the Big Blue 12×34″ Inflatable on which you can fit a whole family.

We also have SUP Surf Boards if you want to catch some waves. Length varies from 8’10” to 14″, width varies from 24″ to 34″ and we will help you find the right one.

Just email us your ages, sizes, weight and level of experience and we will help you find the best board.

We deliver for free anywhere on the island (with weekly rental) and for day rental anywhere on the Cruz Bay side of island. Finding the villas can be confusing (addresses do not work here) so we usually contact the villa rental companies in advance for directions.

For many customers communication gets difficult once on island (poor internet, no voice reception in some areas and with some providers) and we also often have trouble hearing you over voice phone when on a windy beach for example, so if we nail down all the details of which board, paddle and add ons like SUP Yoga Anchors, glow in the dark night paddles or snorkel sets etc. and when and where to deliver to in advance that will result in a hassle-free board rental experience, the stuff will be waiting for you at your villa when you arrive.

No fixed shop hours = better value for money

We do not keep fixed shop hours, we often have lessons in the morning, we are out on charter on our powerboat and we drive all over the island delivering boards. To ensure we have a board available for the day rental ideally please contact us by lunchtime or 8pm the day before. We can deliver the board the evening/afternoon before the rental starts (usually 5:30pm) so you are completely flexible as in when to leave the next morning, e.g. going for a sunrise paddle.

The fact that we do not keep fixed shop hours for 10 our 12 hours a day allows us to offer very high quality boards as well as 400$ Carbon Fiber Paddles and free delivery at a very competitive price!

It’s all flexible

Don’t worry if you change your mind you can just move the rental to another day and for the weekly rental you can switch to a different board any time, for free!