This is one of my favourite downwind runs ever. Thanks to my Fanatic Teammate Adam Cole, who showed it to me. We paddled it for the first time in January  2013 on a day with 25 knots of wind and 3m swell. The maximum speed we reached was almost 20km/h.

The Start is at Nanny Cay Marina Tortola, from there you paddle out into the side wind watching the rocks to the right until you can make a straight line past them, then you turn right, the wind current and waves will take you straight down.


Shortly before Soper’s hole it gets interesting as you do not only have the waves and wind pushing but also a strong pull from the creek, that is where you will reach your maximum speed!

The finish is at Soper’s Hole on Tortola’s West End.


From there you can try to hitch a ride (ideally leaving the paddleboards with your partner) back to the start, unless you have the luxury of a Powerboat picking you up or escorting you.