We don’t have a shop. We deliver paddleboards, surfboards, skimboards and snorkel gear with advance reservation.

We usually do our delivery runs in the evenings, around 5:30pm. So if you email at at 8pm that you want a board for the next day most of the time this is not going to work, especially during holiday weeks where you best reserve the boards a few weeks in advance. No deposit is required to make a reservation but we need reservations to plan resources.

We need to get gear out of storage, clean, check for damages, repair and load on delivery cars. That’s what we do during the day so everything is ready for the evening run. We don’t sit in an office or shop all day waiting for the phone to ring, so text or the reservation form are the best ways to reserve boards.

We check our email once or twice a day. The costs for fuel and car repairs on St. John are big and a rental from Coral Bay with delivery and pickup amounts to 3 hours of driving. So we can’t run out for every single item, we do the deliveries in one or two runs. Even if we have boards available on short notice, our cars may be loaded with other boards for the scheduled deliveries already so we would have to unload them to load your boards and then load those again. We don’t have one board that fits all. A 6’3″ guy needs a different board than a 5’0″ lady and a beginner needs a different board than an expert paddler that wants to paddle out to Whisling Cay or circumnavigate the island. Hence the questions in the reservation form, that will help us/you chose the perfect board for your stay.

Is delivery included?

Our core business are paddleboards. For a weekly rental of 2 paddleboards, delivery is included anywhere on island. For one paddleboard, surfboards or rentals shorter than a week, delivery is only included on the Cruz Bay side of island.

The skimboards and snorkel gear are meant as an add on for paddleboard deliveries. Depending on where you are staying, how early you contact us and how busy we are we may be able to do deliveries for these items.

What is the minimum rental period?


You can rent SUPs for the day.


For surfboards, skimboards and snorkel gear, we only do weekly rentals.

The weekly rate for surfboards takes into account that the surfboard will not be used every day. The surf on St. John is fickle and hard to predict so if there is a week with a good swell you are best equipped to have the board ready to go on those days where the surf is perfect.